About us

Why do clients come to immo mediterraneo?

We find that many people are faced with often THE SAME PROBLEMS and therefore come TO US because they;

  1. are disappointed by being pushed to decide quickly.
  2. worry about whether they are buying safely in Spain because there is no mention of working with a lawyer
  3. disillusioned because they do not feel at home in the region where they bought their home because not enough time was spent getting to know the region.

Does this sound familiar?

For every challenge mentioned above, we have a better approach!

Certified real estate broker

Immo MEDITERRANEO’s team consists of professional Spain experts specialized in real estate transactions in Spain with an incredible backpack of experience and a passion for Spanish real estate.

The Costa Blanca South, the Costa Blanca North and the Costa Calida are our well-known areas of activity.

We work from a licensed real estate company and are under the control of the professional federation (BIV). So, as a client, you can have 100% confidence in us when we guide you with your purchase in Spain.

We position ourselves by providing an extraordinary personalized service that is completely tailored to you as a person and your personal situation.

Our mission

Anyone who buys a home or investment property does not go overnight. Often such a purchase comes with a lot of questions, regardless of the type of property.

If you take your real estate story across national borders, it can quickly become a tangle of confusing regulations and unprecedented legislation.

However, at Immo MEDITERRANEO, we are convinced that a real estate transaction in Spain can be as smooth, secure and risk-free as the purchase of your property in Belgium.

Immo MEDITERRANEO offers comprehensive support and guidance so that you have 100% certainty and do not face any surprises or unexpected costs.

Immo MEDITERRANEO goes for a 100% relaxed real estate transaction, from the beginning to the execution of the deed at the notary.

International network

Immo MEDITERRANEO has an extensive network in Spain. We work with excellent lawyers, authorities and experts.

Personal guidance

From the first introductory meeting to the very last signature on the title deed, Immo MEDITERRANEO is by your side at all times, adopting a professional and cordial approach focused on results and satisfaction. We are all about 100 percent unburdening.

Legal and tax support

A thorough knowledge of legal and tax regulations abroad makes Immo MEDITERRANEO a partner for your real estate story. Our licensed partner lawyers provide tailored advice so you can buy safely and without risk.

Je bent in goed gezelschap!

Your point of contact in Belgium

Hedwig Baens

+32 475 52 94 47

Hedwig has always been active as an advisor and manager in the financial industry and healthcare real estate. For more than 20 years, Spain has been his second home, so his passion and enthusiasm for Spanish real estate was sparked when he bought an apartment on the Costa Blanca himself. Therefore, he is perfectly placed for administration and coordination between you and real estate agent Luc in Spain.

Your contact in spain

Luc Heylens

+32 473 95 87 45

Finding your dream home in Spain is Luc’s job. He lives and works in the area where you want to buy. He himself and his family permanently emigrated to Spain several years ago.

As a result, Luc has years of experience and passion for real estate in Spain.

His permanent presence, central to the Costa Blanca, therefore gives him the ideal starting position and a very broad knowledge of the region. Luc provides personal guidance in Spain, including with all necessary authorities. After your purchase, he will also continue to guide you until you can take delivery of the keys to your dream home. And even after that, you can always fall back on us both in Spain and in Belgium. You are in good company!

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