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Immo MEDITERRANEO specializes in assisting individuals and professionals in finding their vacation home in Spain. Whatever type of property you choose, Immo MEDITERRANEO assists you with legal and tax advice so that you can begin your journey of discovery thoughtfully and safely. We take care of everything from A to Z in your own language. Years of expertise and extensive network ensure that you are generously guided to a safe purchase. Even after purchasing your dream home, you can count on us for many years to come. Start your search today. Together we will find the ideal home in the right location!

It is not the distance that counts, but the first step!

Getting to know you

Every client is unique, which is why we begin with an initial no-obligation meeting in your home.

The purpose of this conversation is to discover what specifically we can do for you and we know specifically what your needs and criteria are. At the same time you will get immediate answers to all your questions about the purchase of your vacation home in Spain.

Selecting the right properties

From a vacation home to a mere investment in Spain. Immo MEDITERRANEO will find for you the real estate that meets all your needs. Thanks to our extensive network, we can offer you properties in Costa Blanca South & North and Costa Calida. Let us know what you wish to find and we will be happy to make it happen.

Know your wallet

Also important is your financial situation.

We also help you look at the financial side of things. We will be happy to discuss with you what options are available for borrowing in Belgium and Spain. If you wish to borrow in Spain, we are happy to help you with that. We have excellent contacts with several Spanish banks that will help you in your own language.

The organization of a sightseeing trip

You wish to go on viewings in Spain?

You are absolutely right! Buying based on information on the Internet and photos, we strongly advise against it. The best way to choose and decide is to come see the projects and regions. You need to experience and live this in person to get the right feel for which property and region suits you best.

So, once we have found some vacation homes for you, we are happy to go with you to visit these homes and the region.

Immo MEDITERRANEO then arranges all the preparations for the viewing trip; from practical and administrative to technical aspects.

Before leaving, we will select together which projects best fit your needs and criteria. Based on that, we will make a schedule to go see the region and your selected projects. Need help booking your flight and hotel, we’re here for you!

The right home in the right location

From the moment you set foot in the airport in Spain, your journey of discovery begins!

Luc will be happy to pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel.

We always start the viewing days with a pleasant exploration of the region where we introduce you to Spanish life.

With each project, Luc takes the time to get extensively acquainted with the region, taking you to the best spots, the cool beach bars, the most beautiful beaches, the nicest restaurants and important places that interest you. You will discover the different regions and projects in a fun and relaxed way so you will soon know if you can feel at home here.

At the end of the day, you can then continue to reminisce and muse about all you have seen on a terrace or over a nice dinner.

Luc acts entirely in your best interest and will never pressure you to make a decision quickly and immediately so that you remain in a comfortable position at all times. You are old and wise enough to know when you are ready to make a decision. Besides, Luc doesn’t need this.

Thanks to his years of experience, he always knows how to find the right property in the right place.

What is your favorite Spanish drink?Cava, café con leche, café cortado, cerveza, sangria or vino ?

We reserve a seat on the terrace in advance….
Aim for the moon and if you miss it you still end up Among the stars!

And then you will find your dream home!

Before signing the purchase agreement, Immo MEDITERRANEO examines the legal situation of the property. Urban planning as well as the financial and tax advantages and disadvantages of the property are identified. Are you buying on plan? Then we extensively check the construction promoter’s profile such as permits, financial guarantees, completion and timing.

Together with an independent law firm, we defend your interests. Moreover, all communication runs in your own language.

The fiscal & legal organization

In legal and tax terms, it is also important for a buyer to be adequately informed about the

opportunities and obligations. Where do you pay how much registration fee? Is the broker’s commission passed on to you and do you owe purchase fees to the local government?

And of course, it is also important to know whether you can borrow in Belgium to buy a vacation home in Spain or how taxes are levied on the income in the event of a rental. If you have specific wishes regarding purchases on your partnership, gift, inheritance or split purchase of your Spanish property, this can certainly be arranged for you.

These are all matters in which Immo MEDITERRANEO advises and assists you.


The role of the notary varies from country to country and is not equally extensive everywhere. So it is very important that a preliminary survey is conducted and that you have a detailed report of the property so that you have 100 percent assurance that everything is in order before you proceed to sign. For this, you can call on Immo MEDITERRANEO.

Site follow-up

If you choose a vacation home that is still under construction, it is important to have professional expert site supervision. If you wish, you may visit regularly but it is unnecessary. You can watch this quietly from your seat. The broker/manager Luc does the site monitoring personally and regularly sends you some pictures of the progress made. Moreover, you can always reach him should you have some questions.

Your home is ready, yes!

Before the deed is drawn up, Luc does the final check completely by himself or together with you if desired. The home is screened for possible defects and issues that do tend to be overlooked. Only if everything is in order does he give the green light to endorse the notarized deed. Otherwise, he will see to it that what still needs to be put in order is carried out.

If you still need to furnish the apartment, Luc will show you the way where to get nice furniture at nice prices. We will also take care of connecting the electricity, water and internet and you will receive the keys to your Spanish dream home.

All you have to do is enjoy!

More than standard service

After the purchase of your vacation home, you can always rely on us both in Spain and in Belgium for:

  • How and when to file the declaration in Belgium
  • Help with tax administration in Spain
  • The purchase, inspection and registration of a car or motorcycle
  • Help with renting out your property
  • Key management and cleaning services
  • A handyman service
  • Where to go for insurance
  • Getting directions if you want a Spanish bank account
  • Etc.

And this LIFELONG!

You are in good company!

Live your dream!

Enthusiastic? Then let us start working on it together!

Because you too are unique, we like to start with a no-obligation introduction first. The purpose of this conversation is to discover what specifically we can do for you and we know specifically what your needs and criteria are. At the same time, you get instant answers to all your questions about buying your vacation home in Spain.

Besides, a viewing trip is never wasted time.

You don’t find the right property in the right location at that time?

Very well, we will continue working for you to find the right property in another region.

Is it not what you expected after all?

We leave it at that and drink a sangria to the acquaintance and the fun time we had.

And if you have found the property in the location where your feeling says, this is it and that completely matches your criteria and wishes, in that case you will be happy you came to Spain.

” One day you wake up and there’s no time to do the things you’ve always dreamed of. Do them now! “

Paulo coelho

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